University Police Department

There are currently 2,947 downloads of the Drexel Guardian app. Just search “Rave Guardian” in the Apple app store for iPhones, or Google Play store for Androids, and then register using your Drexel email. Get introduced to some of the great members of Public Safety’s Operations Team.
If you don’t feel safe to walk around on campus at night, you may request a Cougar Ride or a security escort. Faculty and staff members, students and guests can contact the College Sheriff’s Office to request a security escort to and from their classroom or office. Wait times may vary based on the available staff and number of requests. If your clients love your escort services, they may be tempted to find out where you live.
To find an escort, start by looking on sites where most of the ads are posted monthly, which tend to be more reputable than ones where ads are posted daily. Alternatively, use an escort agency, which may be a bit pricier but has the added benefit of employing a booker who can make recommendations based on your specific tastes. When picking your own escort, narrow your search by age, height, and other physical features. In addition to your tastes, also consider your budget since prices can range quite a lot depending on experience and demand. If you want to verify that the escort you’re interested in is legitimate and worth the money, Google her stage name to find reviews and ratings.
If visit this link have other money with you, stash the payment somewhere else if the is client watching you. This way if you get robbed it is less likely the client will take all of your money. If the client says they are taking you to one place but pulls up to another, this may not be the only thing that they are lying about. Check the webpage of your mobile phone producer for instructions. • Make sure that your handbag and mobile phone are within reach. • Make sure there is only one person in the car before you get in.
If possible, you should also request clients to share hotel room numbers for extra safety. For example, if your client is taking you to a gala event for a date and then, later on, to his hotel room, you should ask for both locations’ addresses. Then, using the date location information, you can search online whether the place is safe or not. It is safer to use checks, money orders, traveler’s checks or debit/credit cards.