Silent Auction Bid Sheets: How to Get Started + Template

Luckily, there are a few steps your nonprofit organization can take to find the perfect items for a silent auction. Auctions, silent auctions, raffles, and other methods of product-based fundraising are a familiar activity to most nonprofits. It’s an easy, entertaining, and engaging way to raise often considerable cash for your organization. Additionally, the auction event is a great way to meet and chat with your most dedicated audience members. Museums, zoos, historical houses, and other cultural institutions can take opportunities such as these to educate visitors about their company and the cause at hand.
Whether you’re an independent contractor or working for an employer, Jotform’s free Estimate Templates can help you seamlessly manage your job estimates online! You can manage your estimates on any device, share them with colleagues, and instantly download them as CSV, PDF, or Excel files. Compare bids in an online spreadsheet with a free Bid Comparison Template. – It is important that super silent auction be marked as a special and standalone section. This dedicated area should have separate signage and bright lighting. To further appeal to the cooks in your audience, think about auctioning off an Instant Pot along with a related recipe book.
Fundraisers are designed to be fun social events so have a good time. As any social setting calls for responsible drinking, this tip is rather intended to remind you to not bid while being inebriated. Then grab a drink and mingle and just enjoy the rest of the evening. This will usually be posted at the display item or will be announced in some fashion to the attendees. A few minutes prior to bid close time, go through the auction items to review the last bids on them. Create some buzz around your online silent auction by showcasing some of your items in advance.
You can organize a 50/50 raffle, where 50% of the proceeds goes to your organization and 50% goes to the winner. Alternatively, you can invite people to enter their name into a draw for a prize. To make the raffle more enticing, the prize should have the same value as some of the auction items. Just be sure to check whether you need a special permit to host the raffle.
Every business knows a great business plan can be an important tool for success, nonprofit organizations are no exception. By developing a comprehensive budget, you will have a reference point throughout your planning process, ensuring that you remain on track and avoid exceeding your financial limits. It is also essential to incorporate your projected revenue into the budget. Determine how much you aim to raise and identify the potential sources of this funding.
Find a great company that will work best for your attendees (See Strategy #16). Make sure there is best items for silent auction of lighting, extra pens, and easy to read and understand bid sheets. The Fundraising Authority sells a great Silent Auction Handbook (for $27) that answers all of the nuts and bolts questions about organizing, setting up and executing your silent auction. There’s a lot of research that demonstrates that it’s not hard to “trigger” a buying impulse in shoppers. In an article on Chron, reporter Sophia Harrison explained that placing items near the checkout counter can increase revenue and introduce shoppers to new products.